Dick Ranck is married to a Philadelphia School teacher and has two daughters. He makes his living as an artist.

He is influenced by Michaelangelo, Caravaggio, Bonnard, Anselm Kiefer, and Philip Guston.as well as aArtist's Statement
in 1984, while four of us basked in our success as figure painters, one mate said, abstraction is dead. That I disputed, as I was attracted to it, found joy in it, since my parents exposed me to it. So, what is art for, anyway. My work since then as wondered that, wondered at the beginnings of marking to express an idea. And changed considerably.

In these many years I have explored myriad ideas expressed by other artists alive and dead, how they saw and see, applying them to paint and form. Once absorbed, I am guided by brevity, whimsy, and what I imagine others see; rarely making preparatory studies or maquettes. Those things I paint and sculpt are long narratives for viewers to enjoy. Surface is important to my work. A great deal of paint becomes pentimenti as I proceed. I use chisels much like a draw, to express the form. I am trying to understand, visually, the unseen and intuited.

I am able to draw accurately, but generally put traditional accuracy aside in pursuit of unscripted form. Grace of line and good use of space are important to me. Guston, Keiffer, Twombly among others, and the work of Michaelangelo, and sculpture from Oceania and other early cultures- all of which seemed to seek answers from or to portray the spiritual- led me away from the figure painting.
When I am asked, I describe my work as primitive. I know answers that early people did not, but only just more.ll Primitive Art, which has unshackled his imagination

He listens attentively to everyone.

Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts 1975 Painting
University of Pennsylvania 1968 BA Art History
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Solo Exhibitions

2019 The Primitive Heart, 3 Roberts Gallery, Bryn Mawr, PA
2018 Curated by Talula, Paintings, sculpture, Bridgeport Studio
2015 Without Fear, paintings, watercolors, sculpture, Bridgeport Studio
2013 Watercolors from Maine, Bridgeport Studio
2011 The Company I Keep When I Am Alone- Rosemont College, Rosemont PA
2009 Work - Richard Rosenfeld Gallery
2006 Leighton Gallery, Blue Hill, Maine (August - October)
1998 Richard Rosenfeld Gallery, Philadelphia
1997 Stefan Gang Gallery, New York
1996 Locust Street, Philadelphia
1995 Stefan Gang Gallery, New York
1994 Stefan Gang Gallery, Philadelphia
1994 Stefan Gang Gallery, New York
1993 Stefan Gang Gallery, Philadelphia
1991 Stefan Gang Gallery, Philadelphia
1986 Charles More Gallery, Philadelphia
1985 Charles More Gallery, Philadelphia
1983 Charles More Gallery, Philadelphia
1982 Charles More Gallery, Philadelphia
1980 Richard Rosenfeld Gallery, Philadelphia
1977 Doshi Gallery, Harrisburg
Education | Solo Exhibitions | Installations | Selected Group Shows | Performances | Panels | Awards


2005 Watershed Project, Radnor PA
2003-2005 Cosmo Club, Philadelphia
Education | Solo Exhibitions | Installations | Selected Group Shows | Performances | Panels | Awards

Selected Group Shows

2020-2023- traveling show continuing: 101 Artists, Collection of Fred Danziger,
Jan 2020, Gallery 222; Main Line Art Center, June 2021; SAMA Oct 2021;
PAFA May/June,2022; Buckham Gallery 2022, Western Wyoming Community College, 2023
Rosemont College.
2012- 2017, Various group shows at Elipsis Gallery
2011 Leighton Gallery, Blue Hill ME
2008 "Contemporary Nudes" Eros Gallery, Bryn Mawr, September- December, 2008
2008 Leighton Gallery, Blue Hill ME, Aug 2007, 2008
2008 "Friends of Daniel DeSica" Spurgeon Gallery, Central Washington University, June 1-30, 2008
2008 Pennsylvania State Museum, "State of the Art", 2008, Harrisburg PA, Hon. Ment. Sculpture
2008 Central Washington State U., "Friends of Daniel Desega" 2008 Edmonds WA
2006 Rosenfeld Gallery, Philadelphia (December)
2006 Morpeth Gallery, Hopewell, New Jersey (January-February; April-June)
2005 Krasdale Galleries, Bronx NY
2004 Leighton Gallery, Blue Hill ME
2004 915 Studios, Philadelphia
2003 PA Academy of the Fine Arts, Alumni Show
2003 915 Studios, Philadelphia
2002 Studio New York, NYC
2001 915 Studios, Philadelphia
2000 Leighton Gallery, Blue Hill ME
2000 915 Studios, Philadelphia
1999 915 Studios, Philadelphia
1997 US Artists, Philadelphia Armory
1997 Diana Sergant Gallery, Fisher's Island, CT
1996 Rosenfeld Gallery, Philadelphia
1996 Wingspread Gallery, NE Harbor, ME
1996 Pentimenti Gallery, Philadelphia
1995 Leighton Gallery, Blue Hill, ME
1994 Students of Jimmy Leuders, Philadelphia Art Allian