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Carmine is a nice tone;
Laid on lips just so,
Lips which smile,
Or sulk-
As is their want.



it's the rain
mixed in with
cicadas buzzing wings
whose chirping cannot
open the clouds to
a full moon.


were it here
would erase this peace
that I now enjoy.


Such a moon!
She shames the stars
Who merely twinkle.

This bright circle
A time machine
Whirring my heart.

Dizzy with love
It drums a two step
Dance for me still.


This lost in paintings changes
Becomes this anew start
As I so enjoyed seeing it in
My library of images
And wanted to try it again.
To Whit:

Very early stage
Too tight
But a good place to start.
Wish me luck mermaid



from Wonderland, storm

the porch wall.
in which I really try for some patience and discipline to see, you know,
if I can do it.

slaved over this tree. Meh.

view from Cadillac, from several years ago. Just happen to like it still


Some Australia/New Zealand

Australia, on the way to Tree Tops, stopped to paint cow. Love cows.

Coast at Port Douglas. Intended to swim but beach was closed because of
beeeeg alligator roaming in shallow water. He's not bothered by kill jelly

From the docks of Queenstown. New Zealand is VERY gorgeous


I am writing
I am.

Fingers dazzle
triumphant with alpha

It's night here
and I am

Of not knowing
how people
feel about.

Is it
touching that?
Or, is it?


the land of oz
A collaboration
Two close hearts
Four eyes
Four hands
One soul


I'm never alone
When the rain falls
Bouncing, leaping
On and off
leaves, roofs, flowers,
And memoirs
Writ indelible on my heart


I have been working on this painting for months, trying
to find both a solution to
the design and narrative that have come to me shrouded;
whose voice I hear
but whose visage is kept from me
and must be imagined.

After looking and looking at the painting
and feeling a favorite image, the small flower
was out of sync by size and temper,
I have made my own decoration,
imagined as
if I was making a flower
to stand for the florid moods of my brush.

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